Current SEA CON LLC projects

Stock Pot Upgrades:

Current projects:
              Mechanize security gates entering property
              Repair IMP Ceiling
              Provide assistance with design and construct secondary containment and alarm for 125,000 gallons wastewater EQ Tank.

Everett Self Storage:

100,000 sf self-storage facility consisting of 2 multi-story buildings using load bearing light gage steel stud framing along with steel decking and poured in place concrete floors. Completed

Leary Way Assoc:

In design and permit stage; 100,000 sf storage facility to be built on Leary Way in Seattle; expected ground breaking August 2013

South Park Industrial Terminal:

This property is approximately 19.4 acres of industrial land in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood. The property is located within the former South Park Landfill site. First phase of construction has started with completion expected December 2013.

West Coast Storage:

Republic Services:

U-Haul White Tanks:

The U-Haul project in White Tanks, Arizona, is a 5 building addition to an existing U-Haul Facility, comprised of 3 Single Story strip buildings, a 31,000 sf single story which includes a new office / showroom, and a 123,000 sf 3 story building. This new construction added 161,000 sf of rentable storage space to the facility. The project, adjacent to the new AZ 303, was constructed simultaneously with the freeway. Numerous road closures and detours restricted site access and necessitated SEA CON LLC to constantly update directions on how subs / suppliers / inspectors were to get to the site.  Construction was completed September 2013; both on time and budget in a year that AZ not only had record heat in the 120's, but also record rainfall.



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