South China Restaurant
Bellevue, Washington

When South China Restaurant was forced to relocate, SEA CON LLC was hired as their relocation consultant and later as their design-build construction manager and general contractor. The 5,400 sf space was once the produce department of a grocery store. Working closely with the owner and design professionals, SEA CON LLC was able to build a large efficient industrial kitchen with a unique dining/bar space; utilizing a variety of colors and materials.

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Forecasters Pub House - Redhook
Woodinville, Washington

As part of the construction of Red Hook's major brewery on the West Coast, SEA CON LLC constructed the Forecasters Restaurant Pub House to provide retail services for patrons visiting the brewery.

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Cataqua Pub House - Redhook
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

As a follow-up on the Woodinville Facility, SEA CON LLC constructed the New Hampshire Brewery to provide the East Coast with Red Hook products. Similar to the Woodinville Facility, SEA CON LLC constructed the restaurant and pub, including a full commercial kitchen to service Redhook patrons.

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Chuy El Mexicano
Seattle, Washington


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