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SEA CON'S Commitment to Work Site Safety

SEA CON LLC’s management has a total commitment to safety. SEA CON LLC exhibits a genuine concern for the welfare of its employees and does not hesitate to provide the resources necessary to assure that all jobsites and workplace are safe. Management understands the value of proper training, awareness and accident prevention. During the past three years SEA CON LLC has paid for 100% of the costs for over 2,000 hours of safety related classes, workshops and seminars. This type of commitment is unprecedented for a company of this size. SEA CON LLC provides 100% of personal protective equipment to all of its employees. If any equipment is damaged or rendered non-compliant it is pulled from service and repaired or replaced immediately. SEA CON LLC’s general outlook is that funds spent on safety programs are dollars well spent. Although jobsite and workplace safety to prevent injuries are of the utmost importance, SEA CON LLC also realizes that other residual benefits are achieved as a direct result of a comprehensive safety program. Accidents interfere with the orderly progress of work and are an indication of an inefficient operation. Safety not only safeguards people, but also protects equipment and other assets from accidental loss.

SEA CON LLC’s commitment to safety and accident prevention is reflected in the company’s exemplary safety record. OSHA 200 Logs for the past five years reflect zero accidents, injuries or illnesses that resulted in any workdays lost. SEA CON LLC is proud of this record and attributes it directly to the development, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the safety program.

At SEA CON LLC, training is an ongoing process that far exceeds the minimum requirements set forth by OSHA and WISHA. It is company policy that all employees, including accounting and administrative personnel, are required to maintain a current CPR/First Aid Certification. SEA CON LLC superintendents and project managers are OSHA 10 Hour certified and have taken the 24 Hrs. Hazwoper Course. Project managers, superintendents and field personnel are required to maintain certification and competency in fall protection, confined space and hazard communication.

Management encourages all employees to participate in all basic and specialized safety seminars and workshops as they become available throughout the year. SEA CON LLC is dedicated to promoting safety awareness and funds 100% of the cost for any company approved safety related course.

The foundation of SEA CON LLC’S safety program is our written plan. This plan consists of the following: Safety & Accident Prevention Manual, MSDS Manuals, Job Specific Safety & Accident Program, Site Specific Injury Packet and WISHA Jobsite Organizer. These manuals provide information above and beyond the requirements set forth by OSHA and WISHA. The data, policies and procedures contained within these manuals make them an invaluable safety tool. Each employee at SEA CON LLC is individually assigned a complete set of company safety manuals for which they are fully responsible. As with any tool, our written plan is constantly maintained and routinely updated for it to remain effective.

As active members of ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) SEA CON LLC has received S.T.E.P Platinum level safety awards for the past 4 years. In addition, SEA CON LLC was honoured to receive an ABC national safety award for 2001.